What is NSE?

Since 1968, National Student Exchange (NSE) has offered students a domestic alternative to study abroad. What began with three campuses exchanging seven students is now 200 universities placing 3000 students a year. Iowa State University is pleased to offer exchanges in this program.

Since its founding, more than 90,000 students have participated in NSE. The National Student Exchange was founded as a counterpart to study abroad programs, recognizing that not every student is seeking a study opportunity outside the United States. NSE offers low-cost options for ISU students to study out-of-state, at culturally diverse campuses, with program compatibility to our campus.

Features of the National Student Exchange include:

  • Access to additional courses and programs
  • Exchange among university honors programs
  • Multicultural opportunities
  • Resident assistant exchange options
  • Credits applied toward degree
  • Tuition reciprocity across the United States

Exchange features and requirements:

  • NSE campuses in 48 states, 3 United States territories, and 6 Canadian provinces
  • Duration of exchange can range from one semester to one calendar year
  • Exchanges can occur in different academic and calendar years
  • Students must be full-time during application and exchange
  • GPA of 2.5 on a 4.00 scale required