Resources for Iowa State students

This page contains resources for Iowa State students who have applied, interviewed, and been admitted to the National Student Exchange program. 


NSE Preparation for exchange resources:

  • Student Agreement and Release: Completed as part of your Placement Acceptance meeting after you have been placed.


  • Advising Memo and Advising Agreement: The memo is for your academic advisor, and the agreement is a signed document between you and your advisor verifying you have gone over the courses you intend to take at your host campus.


  • Exchange Checklist: Use this resource to stay on top of everything you have to do to ensure a smooth transition to your host campus and back.


  • Budget Resource: This form will help you plan your study away adventure by helping you plan financially for exchange.


  • Photo Incentive: Want to earn a quick and easy $50? Take photos! Submit this form to the NSE office upon completion to be eligible.



TRANSIT is a system to allow you to enter coursework you have taken (or will take) will on NSE, then to generate an evaluation to see how it will be accepted at Iowa State University. Then, TRANSIT allows you to submit your evaluated credit to DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System), which will produce an individualized report that reflects how your evaluated credit applies toward a specified degree at Iowa State University. It will compare your evaluated course work with the requirements of an academic degree program and prepare a report, or preliminary audit, which details your progress toward meeting those requirements.